In an interview with the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti", famous chess player and seven-time champion of Russia Peter Svidler spoke about how he commented on the match at the World Championship in New York, about his performances for the national team of Russia, the evolution of chess and his outlook on life.

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- So, as a typical child of the computer age - Karjakin is ready to hold any position?
- I do not know whether this is due to the computer. I think in his case it is rather a talent. Few people can do the same because looking at a bad position for hours is very difficult psychologically. You reach a position that makes you nauseated, and it is unlikely to improve, yet it is too early to resign. We need to sit and just look for the best moves. This is the most valuable gift! Sergey is in this sense one of the best, if not the best in the world. I have also saved bad positions, but I do not even come close to Karjakin in this regard!
- The death of chess due to computers has been long talked about, that all variations will be examined. One of the remedies has been so-called Fisher chess, or chess960, where the starting position is randomized. You are, incidentally, a three-time world champion in this type of chess...
- Four-time. Unfortunately, with the departure of Hans Walter Schmidt from the organizational activities of this game, it has declined. He organized tournaments in Frankfurt am Main, and believed that it was an important type of chess that helps the game remain alive and young. But he left the main sponsors at some point and tournaments are now virtually gone. It is a pity, because everyone I know plays chess960 with great pleasure.
- There is also the thought that the tremendous amount of work that goes into opening preparation for top players goes to waste in chess960…
- No, not really. If we suddenly did not have any other chess, then the work would be lost. But replacing classical chess with 960 is not a serious discussion. Now, the main discussion in terms of the future of chess is what to do with the time control.
- If you take the match in New York, it was in fact rapid chess that became the highlight of the match
- Yes, the audience we had on chess24 during the tie-break was four times higher than during the most interesting part of the Classic. It may well be that the future really is rapid chess. But it must be understood: Showing rapid and especially blitz games is impossible without really good commentators.

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